Powoak 120W Solar Panel

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  • Maximum power(Pm) : 120W
  • solar cell:sunpower
  • Voltage at max power(Vmp): 19.8V
  • Cell efficiency:Current at max power(Imp): 6.06A
  • Open circuit voltage(Voc): 23.7V
  • Short circuit current(Isc): 6.66A
  • Operating Temperature: (- 20℃-+65℃)
  • Maximum System Voltage: 300V
  • Standard Test Condtion: Irrandiance 1000W/㎡,
  • Module temperature 25℃,AM=1.5
  • Dimension(unfolded):415*1695mm/16.3*66.7in
  • Dimension(folded):415*410mm/16.3*16.1in
  • Weight:2.8kg/6.17lb
Why choose Bluetti SP120 solar panel?
  • it is 120W solar panel with cell :sunpower . the sunpower cell lamination(Transmittance 95-97%) is much better than PET material because it anti-scratch and durable. what is more, the efficiency is also much higher than PET material(Transmittance 88%.
  • it is 4 foldable design which make it more smaller, save much space .
  • the open circuit voltage is 23.7v, thus its conversion efficiency is much higher than other solar panel with low ocv(18-22V).
  • with 4*kickstand on the back of the solar panel, ensure it has the best angle for receiving solar light.
  • the length of the mc4 cable is 3meters long.
  • IP65 water proof.tips: do not soak the solar panel in the water.

  • What factors will affect the solar conversion rate?

    1.the strength of the sun light 2.environment temperature
    3.the angle you place the solar panel 4.the length of the solar cable

  • How many pieces of solar panel can be used on a power station?

    1.check the max. open circuit voltage
    2. the max. short-circuit current
    3. the max. power of the solar panel
    ☼Make sure the total max. value does not exceed the numbers in the specification when you connect several pieces in series or paralell.

  • Is it waterproof?

    It is IP65 rated waterproof. Do not soak this solar panel into water or any other liquid. Do not expose this solar panel to rain or snow.

  • What are the compatible MAXOAK / BLUETTI Models?

    Current compatible MAXOAK/ BLUETTi Models:

    AC20( 200Wh/120W power station)
    AC50(500Wh/300W power station)
    EB40(400Wh/300W power station)
    EB150(1500Wh/1000W power station)
    EB240(2400Wh/1000W Power Station)
    ☼To verify the compatibility with our future new product, please read the menu comes with the product, or contact us directly.

    ☼To verify the compatibility with devices that are not sold by our store, please contact the related seller.

  • What is the warranty?

    12 months warranty and lifetime